Valid from Aug 2021

Booking & Cancellation POLICY


Updated Sept 2021

We acknowledge British Government COVID-19 public health advice and regulations. Saving Grace’s hosts and owners monitor the situation daily therefore, this policy may change without notice. 


As self-employed owners, we confirm this hospitality business is ready to host past, current, and future guests. Safe accommodation available for guests is a priority, for all essential stay travellers, key workers, NHS employees, and the public, are all welcome. 



Once a booking is made, acknowledged, accepted agreed and the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is paid the contract is active.  NO SHOWS or cancellations before arrival may be liable to pay FULL AMOUNT unless resold.  Full refunds depend on owner management discretion yet are made 100% available in the event of lockdown restrictions


Please provide Min 2-4 wks.’ notice if you are concerned and may need to cancel. Saving Grace unit is a primary source of income to host and promises to meet priorities for other guests. 


Saving Grace is self-contained accommodation, with catering facilities and utensils available, building is fenced secure and at least 50m from other residential properties and completely separated yet sharing the same utilities. We acknowledge preferred face mask regulations and abide by 1-2m social distancing restrictions with face coverings by staff when made essential and we trust this is mutually respected. (This remains open to change) 


We implement recommended safer cleaning measures before and after each guest's arrival. Card reader payments and direct bank to bank payment systems, now available.                


The hot tub is private and exclusive to guests, water quality and dosing chemicals are carefully monitored routinely in accordance with PHE and manufacturers' recommendations. Active clean policies are upheld between guest exchanges. Please note during this period, we regret we cannot be held nor accept any responsibility or be held liable for any health conditions resulting (known or unknown) before, during, or after your stay after use of Saving Grace hot tub. You enter our premises and use the hot tub at your OWN RISK. 


Please note: To stop further spread of COVID-19, if you are self-isolating or are exhibiting ANY SIGNS or are feeling generally unwell, please do not leave home. Call 01362 688580 to make known your chosen changes before arrival. 



The Bawdeswell area and location have public amenities which remain safe and are guest friendly (e.g., Bawdeswell Garden Centre, The Workhouse Bar, Morrison’s Daily grocery store and Hamptons@the barn café & shop), we wish to continue to keep our community, neighbours, and guests safe by abiding with recommended Government hospitality STAYCATION policies. We will always honour and identify with community support and NHS commitments in the hope to remain healthy and well. Know you too, are important to us.  


The Morrison’s Daily shop remains open daily 6 am-10 pm 7 days per week for grocery requirements providing fresh produce, grocery items, and licensed and able to operate with screened systems for social distancing with or without masks to meet current regulations accordingly.


We confirm will offer a full refund or credit vouchers valid up to 6 months in the event of further Gov. Lockdowns (please view above CANCELLATION POLICY).


Remember, Saving Grace wants to remain open to our guests and will do the utmost to keep mutual health protected during your stay as we are enabled to continue to love hosting guests.


Thank you for reading 

 For more details, what to look out for, and advice please see latest https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus