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Our Story


The dream that became a vision was started in 2011 'sort of written' with architect drawings submitted, approved design and plans in hand, we started clearing site ... then ... following a weekend away in the Netherlands in Europe for a families wedding celebration, we got a call from home ...  "mum there's been a fire!" it then became evident, our and neighbours joint tree and hedge-lined boundary, had caught fire from a BBQ patio heater which had ignited over 32 meters of 8-9 ft conifers and surrounding trees were sadly all destroyed, this all happened on evening in June 2012.


With plans on hold for a while, sorting loss of materials and perished items, we committed despite the 'dis-courage-ment' we still remained confident and continued. We hadn't purposed a name for the construction yet, however, this changed promptly as we all agreed it was a 'Saving Grace', the structure wasn't seriously damaged in fact, it had been miraculously protected for a greater good use, we felt, still in its timber frame construction we just kept going, feeling so grateful to the local fire brigade and community assistance in our absence and all who were in attendance, keeping watch and all safe. 

Within months, Saving Grace was named and labeled, became a place, of rest, relaxation for us all and there is such a great sense of constant rest, relaxation and purpose here, no one leaves without knowing they have been blessed. 

Our Saving Grace holiday let and hot tub became a lovely place to share with our family from all over the world, who visit us often when able. Always wanting to remain open to being hospitable, Rafe and I delight to receive guests, family, friends and sometimes with their added pet/s dog too which, always makes us communicate better and build fond memories together.

The story of Saving Grace continues in mindful, wellbeing moments and you will experience a sense of greater realisation and purpose here as you visit and delight in escaping the routine to rest, relax and refresh.

Always our pleasure to share our home and Saving Grace moments with you check out date availability ... so looking forward